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Celestial Balms

  • wellness2ozstack
    Wellness Balm 2oz$35.00
    Wellness Balm is an immunobooster that is topically applied over the lymph nodes, spine, and feet to assist the body is removing illness, reduces symptoms, and helps you fight through a cold.
  • BellyBalm1ozstack
  • Ligament Tendon Balm
    Celestial Ligament and Tendon Balm 1oz$40.00
    Celestial Hemp Ligament & Tendon balm 1oz in Organic Coconut oil, Organic Mango Seed butter, Organic Shea butter, and Proprietary Essential oil blend of Capsicum, Catnip, Organic Cypress, Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Ginger, Helichrysm, Organic Yarow, and Arnica infused oil. The anti-inflammatory action of medicinal herbs, combined with Dynamic Energy Medicine and Aromatherapy Science has resulted in a fast acting topical medicinal that increases circulation and calms simultaneously.
  • CBD Wellness Balm
    Celestial CBD Wellness$40.00
    Celestial CBD Wellness Balm is formulated to be a transdermal Immune System Booster. Made with all organic ingredients.